Gemsbok Wireless

lets get Connected.

Gemsbok Group is currently bringing to South Africans an excellent value-based Internet access service that will provide uncapped and unshaped connectivity with speeds of up to 200Mbps with the minimal cost price..

Gemsbok Wireless

We are coming up with Gemsbok Wireless in other to help millions of South Africans to escape the frustration of slow ADSL services, long delays in securing broadband fiber in their areas and of course, the over-priced satellite solutions. Gemsbok Wireless will delete the hassles, high costs and delays of accessing the internet by Businesses and individuals.

It would be delivered over dedicated and robust fiber infrastructures. Gemsbok wireless internet service will offer low-latency, symmetrical bandwidth along next-generation network backbone.


We have thrown our investment doors open to local and foreign investors who would like to make fortune from the robust South African internet market.

Please complete the contact form below and our investment unit will be glad to contact you with more information in this regard.